The Green is Good Jar

Here’s a fun, family-friendly activity emphasizing random acts of environmental kindness aimed to encourage new eco-happy habits!

1. Label a large reused jar with a ‘Green is Good’ sign. Add your own flair with drawings or a motivational collage of pictures and inspiring phrases.

2. Cut leaf shapes out of scrap paper in different colors and textures– Assign each member of the group their own type of leaf (or just write the name on one side).

3. Each time a person does something kind for the Earth or for the community, write it on a leaf and insert it in the jar. Watch the colorful pile grow and challenge each other to a bit of (eco)friendly competition! *Use the Honor System; the goal is to celebrate the positive things, both big and small, in order to create new habits 🙂

4. At the end of the term (maybe a week? a month?), dump out the jar and look through all of the wonderfully kind things you have done as a group. High five the person with the most leaves! Each pick your favorite leaf that someone else did and make them into magnets! Then pin the rest of the leaves to a bulletin board. Celebrate all the great things your family did in just a short amount of time.

5. Inspire other families and groups to fill up their own awesome jars by posting your progress (with photos!) to the Ana Apple Facebook page! I’ll be keeping an eye out for those jars overflowing with gorgeous leaves and happily awarding random goodies to those of you who are really rocking this challenge!

Thank you for doing your small part to make a difference. Remember, Green is Good!


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