Put Me In, Coach

Braeburn and I with the lovely and authentic Fabienne Frederickson in April.

What’s that saying? “No man is an island,” right? When it comes to being an entrepreneur, I couldn’t agree more. But here’s the thing: About eight months ago, I was feeling pretty isolated and discouraged. Every new creative inspiration and positive level of growth in my business brought on an increased sense of overwhelm. I’ve always been somewhat of a black sheep among my family + friends– I moved from Hawaii to Washington, DC to attend art school, chopped all my hair off (twice), became vegan-ish, and, of course, started a business. I sure felt like I was a dang island; totally stranded and misunderstood! I even started to doubt if this was the right path I should take.

Then I started reaching out. I made conversation with fellow artists at shows, began following blogs by kick-butt creative women, and actually networked at networking events. Don’t get me wrong; my family and friends have given me unmatched, priceless support that has taken me incredibly far, for which I will be forever grateful! The thing is, there’s something about connecting with fellow entrepreneurs who have experienced your same milestones and roadblocks, your ups and downs. They genuinely celebrate your victories, happily share resources, and pick you up, dust you off when something didn’t go so great (and offer constructive criticism on what can be improved for next time).

So when I found Fabienne Frederickson and the Client Attraction system last Fall, the timing could not have been more perfect. Through her Gold program and especially with the priceless help of other members, I have re-focused my energy on what the Ana Apple brand is truly all about, who I am here to serve, and how to get out of my own dang way and really play bigger! After a wonderful three-day seminar in April, I gave Fabienne a big squeeze and very (very) tearfully thanked her for encouraging me to have clarity, commitment and consistency in my business. I’m ‘in it’ now more than ever.

A big hug, genuine thanks and endless amount of love to my Goldies; I’ve found my tribe of black sheep daring enough to blaze our own paths. You continue to inspire me to jump higher and work smarter!

I’ll be in Stamford, CT, just outside New York City, early next week to reconnect with Fabienne and my Gold group. Absolutely cannot wait to share the a-ha moments with you on how Ana Apple is growing beyond being just a cute clothing company. It’s evolving into a brand that is here to do its small part to contribute to the community by celebrating environmental awareness in a fun, family-friendly way. Glad you’re joining me on the journey 🙂

If you are an entrepreneur and would like to know more about Fabienne and the Client Attraction program, please visit www.clientattraction.com and sign up for your free CD offering heaps of valuable content!


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  1. beautiful…and you are amazing, my dear. I am honored to be a black sheep with you…keep up your important, amazing and gifted work!


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