Ana Apple’s Turning Three!

'Lady Bones Toddler Tee' from the Tricked-Out Tots line. Image copyright Ana Manzano.

When wee ones turn three, it’s all about exploring, imagination, and heaps of energy. They start questioning everything, wanting to figure out how the big world around them works. The tiny humans have got a newfound sense of humor and are all about expressing it. Yes, attention spans are short, but only because there’s so much excitement to take in!

Here at Ana Apple, I am most definitely a three-year-old. Nothing makes me happier than making a big colorful mess experimenting with new techniques to improve the line and immersing myself in as many business + art books as I can get my hands on. I’m constantly inspired by visual stimulants and absolutely love interacting with all of you! Sure, I might throw a little tantrum here and there, usually because I need a nap, but sometimes it’s ’cause I sewed a zipper on backwards or something. Just don’t worry; I’ve stopped wetting the bed.

So please join me in celebrating toddlerhood with a renewed sense of innocence as we start the year! Go ahead; tiptoe along a crack in the sidewalk for a block or make up a song on your commute to work tomorrow.

(And hey, why not throw in a weekend sale? All youth tees will be 20% off on Ana Apple’s birthday, Saturday January 28. Partay!)


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