Post-Event Wrap-Up: The Spring Market

Last Saturday’s Spring Market featured perfect weather, a talented group of local artists, and cheerful shoppers! And, right off the bat, I have to say that the houses in Curtis Park are just lovely.

A line for little ones: Debuted the new California Love onesie (far left) and the Hang Ten design made a popular second appearance.

The Leonardo da Vinci K-8 School, one of two schools holding fundraisers to support their highly-valued arts programs that are strongly integrated into the general curriculum, displayed works by many of their students from all grade levels.

I kept looking over to see the inventory diminishing rapidly, so I hurried over to browse the gallery, and picked up a couple of pieces by Scott and Isabella, whose work will look fantastic on the wall of my new studio.

Some of the hard-working students from John Morse Waldorf School, who sold me an absolutely decadent Lemon Bar! Yep, definitely went back later for a couple of snickerdoodles for the road. No guilt; it’s the weekend.

One of my neighbors was an incredible ceramicist, Sandy Whetstone, whose beautifully strange figure sculptures showed off their rich earth tones in the sunshine. Makes me miss those art school afternoons spent happily locked up in the glaze room!

Picked up a few more pieces from the insanely talented Marty May, who is about to embark on a two-month hitchhiking tour of Europe. We’ll be following her journey vicariously!

All in all, it was a fantastic show. Thanks to the ladies who made it all happen: Amy, of Murphy & Gert, whose bright, well-constructed dog collars + beds make me wish I had a Murphy or Gert of my own, and Alicia, of Local Honey Market, whose vast array of bags and goodies to fill them with are a one-stop shop for gift-giving. Can’t wait for the next boutique!


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