Post-Event Wrap-Up: Handmade HoDown Taste for Artisans

I was ecstatic to make it into the 2nd Handmade HoDown event after the fun whirlwind of a success the December HoDown event turned out to be. Thanks to all of you that came out! Here’s a quick peek:

Setting up 64 square feet of shop! Debuted my new chamomile Alma Eye Pillows, fabric remnant rings and updated Tricked-Out Tee designs.

After picking up an organic catnip toy, Zoey found the felt headband that suited her beautifully. I think it works perfectly with her pretty eyes!

My signature Tricked Out Tots design, The Business Time onesie (left), was joined by a couple of new ideas out for a test drive. I’ll definitely be expanding on the food line! Any cute ideas on a name? I’m thinkin’ something like Little Foodie.

A show of support! Got a visit from my Maui friends, Steph + Tessa, who make me miss both Hawaii and the Bay Area dearly. Not only did they surprise me with sugar-laden birthday surprises (Big Island cookies and homemade Peeps sushi, yeah!) and pick up some AAD originals, but these lovely ladies and their impressively patient guys helped me breakdown and load up. What a great night!

Here’s to the hard-working team at Mini Marzipan for handling all the behind-the-scenes business that goes into putting on an event like this! Check out Eristotle and Jim Dandy’s to view their fantastic work!


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