Shout-Out Sunday: Marty May Press & Stitchery

Marty was my neighbor at last weekend’s Third Saturday Design Downtown, put on by Sac News + Review. Not only was I drawn in by the extensive collection of vibrant pieces, but by the fact that she was happily reading a Biology textbook. It’s nice to know that I’m not the only nerd out there.

The Skipper Messenger Bag –  A smaller version of the full size Rad Rider bag, and a steal for only 38 bucks!

I picked up a few killer patches (I’ll soon have a Stego Poop hoodie) and some valuable advice from Marty, who started out in LA and has been in the indie biz for about three years. She quit her day job to dedicate all her time to creating a professional line, and now has pieces in stores from San Francisco to Atlanta. Her work is clean and creative, and I’m so inspired to get back to my machine!


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  1. Marty is awesome! I didn’t know they were still doing third Saturdays, I would have come by! Are they indoors now? Hope it was successful!


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