Post-Event Wrap Up: The Placerville Craft Faire


It took all my self-control not to spitefully punch the snooze button as it woke me from less than 4 hours of sleep (which honestly felt like 4 minutes) early Sunday morning. The truck was 90% packed up; so were my lunch and my confidence. A wide awake Joel, who has always been my cheerleader and has lately become a master of getting me out the door and to my events on time, sent me off at a grueling 6:15am towards Placerville for the 13th Annual Craft Faire. The vehicle traffic along Historic Main Street was replaced with shoppers on foot, perusing the canopies that offered handmade clothing, toys, housewares, and what appeared to be an awful lot of jewelry. I was sandwiched between two jewelers, myself.


Took the opportunity to dedicate a corner of my booth to promoting my photography work, as well. Set up mounted prints on my trellis stand and set out some sample postcards, directing those interested to my photography website. Shameless plug, yes indeed.


A gentle tap on my shoulder introduced me to Eloa, an absolutely adorable 86-year-old who was working her pastel vintage number and pearls like nobody’s business. After examining a couple of sets of my linen tea towels, Eloa agreed to let me make a couple of pictures before she skirted off to retrieve her husband, who ‘had to sit down in the shade and take a break from shopping, the poor dear.’ She didn’t want her face photographed, but her outfit represented her personality well enough!


All in all it was a successful Sunday. The lunchtime heat made me wish I had opted for a summer dress instead of jeans, especially during the 3:00 breakdown sweat session, but at least I didn’t have to hit the gym that day!


Up next: Every Thursday through October, the ‘I Heart Art’ handmade fair will be held in Cesar Chavez Plaza, downtown Sacramento, from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm. Last week there was only me and another vendor (a jeweler, surprise, surprise!), so hopefully this week there will be more excitement to report!


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