Post-Event Wrap Up: San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair

REN booth 5

Last weekend was the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair, which featured over 200 vendors, including yours truly. To be honest, on the drive down from Sacramento in the wee hours of Saturday morning, my already exhausted brain started getting clogged with those nagging thoughts of ‘Oh gosh, am I completely out of my league?’ and ‘I’ve only been sewing since January– this is going to be a disaster.’

REN booth 2

Luckily, that negativity subsided with each compliment that buyers, browsers and even other vendors gave me. And I made more sales than I anticipated, which is all I could have asked for! My eye pillows were a hit, as usual, and my latest (and strangest) brainchild, the Fun Facts note cards, were effective in stopping people in their tracks to share my love of random trivia.

REN booth 4

I also received five custom orders from very excited clients (more about those products in an upcoming post), which, in turn, made me even more confident and thrilled. Their orders have inspired me to add a couple of products to my line.

REN booth 6

DJ Voltage, also known as my Uncle Matt, also featured one of his mix albums next to my photography work I set up. We’re planning a huge collaboration for next season, pending my re-learning how to screen print and him churning out some new designs.

REN booth 1

Thanks to my booth neighbor, Karen’s Monsters, a more adorable than scary line of plushy creatures for kids and big kids alike. Karen was a big help in watching my booth and sharing some veteran insight into the craft fair circuit. And check out the work of my other neighbor, Nous Savons, whose absolutely gorgeous upcycled collared shirts were a crowd-pleaser.

Renegade was definitely the best show I’ve done so far, and I have so many new ideas for products, displays and marketing. Can’t wait til next season— Maybe I’ll hit up the Los Angeles and Chicago shows…


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