Product Muse: The Alma Eye Pillow

moms day1

This is the first installment of posts in explanation of the people that many of my products are named after. I have been lucky enough to be supported and inspired by these incredible individuals, and hope that in getting to know the namesakes of these products, my clients form a deeper understanding of who I am as an artist, and develop a closer connection with my work.

Ever since I can remember, my Grama Alma has been the poster-woman for selfless generosity. She housed foreign exchange students, rallied for government accountability and policy change, and was actively involved with a number of non-profit organizations. She currently runs a brigade of women who knit baby caps and blankets for the local hospitals and to send to Africa.

No other person was so fitting to name my first product after than my grandmother. In Spanish, her full name means ‘Soul in Peace,’ a complete embodiment of her positive approach to life and it’s many adventures (and misadventures). The comfortable cotton eye pillows, each filled with flax seed and bits of dried lavender, are armed and ready to help you slip into much-needed relaxation after a long day. Whether you share her sense of spirituality or not, these pillows are ideal for use in yoga practice and turning your bedroom into the welcoming haven that it should be.

The best part of these products is their ability to ease many of your troubles, like a good grandmother often does. Stick your pillow in the freezer for ten minutes before use in cold therapy to ease tension headaches, soothe allergies and bring down body temp in the peak of summer. For heat therapy, such as loosening up sore neck muscles, microwave your pillow for about fifteen seconds. Just like Grama, who lived on an Ashram in one decade and went bald and drove a sports car the next, these little babies pride themselves on versatility.

grama wig

View the whole line of Alma Eye Pillows in my Etsy shop or at a craft fair near you.


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