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Yahoo! Two in a month!

Picture 2

Thanks to the lovely Storque bloggers, Emily, Danny + Sue, for featuring me in two separate Etsy Finds posts. The first one, Golden Gates, was previously mentioned as a preview to the Renegade Fair.  The second, which I just found out about this morning, highlights ways to Access Yourself this summer.

The kudos brought me lots of views, dozens of ‘hearts’ and even a few sales! Thanks, Etsy, I’m like a proud Mama.


Product Muse: The Wendy Clutch

So it’s about time I told you about this gem of a friend, Miss Wendy Galietta Williams. A dear friend from art school back in Washington, D.C, she has been an integral part of my support system in the last several months, as I worked to bring Ana Apple Designs into fruition. Wendy gave me constructive criticism while I developed my logo and honest feedback on each new product. I had no hesitation in naming this first line of clutch purses after her!

wendy brownbatik1

Not only has she motivated me when I’ve doubted my decisions and skills, but Wendy has actually given her time and talent in producing my fantastic hangtags. Made from the pulp of cardboard, newsprint and tissue paper, they are completely biodegradable, and even have little wildflower seeds incorporated into the paper– So you can plant the tags!


Now, this is where you come in. Wendy needs to set up an Etsy site for her own creations, especially her intricate handmade paper cards and customized stamps! And don’t even get me started on the wedding invitations she produced for her and Dave’s special day last October. Sheer genius. So leave a comment and let’s get this girl’s butt into gear!


Thanks, Wendy-love, for all that you have done and all that you are. Cliche or not, I really couldn’t have done it without you.

Post-Event Wrap Up: San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair

REN booth 5

Last weekend was the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair, which featured over 200 vendors, including yours truly. To be honest, on the drive down from Sacramento in the wee hours of Saturday morning, my already exhausted brain started getting clogged with those nagging thoughts of ‘Oh gosh, am I completely out of my league?’ and ‘I’ve only been sewing since January– this is going to be a disaster.’

REN booth 2

Luckily, that negativity subsided with each compliment that buyers, browsers and even other vendors gave me. And I made more sales than I anticipated, which is all I could have asked for! My eye pillows were a hit, as usual, and my latest (and strangest) brainchild, the Fun Facts note cards, were effective in stopping people in their tracks to share my love of random trivia.

REN booth 4

I also received five custom orders from very excited clients (more about those products in an upcoming post), which, in turn, made me even more confident and thrilled. Their orders have inspired me to add a couple of products to my line.

REN booth 6

DJ Voltage, also known as my Uncle Matt, also featured one of his mix albums next to my photography work I set up. We’re planning a huge collaboration for next season, pending my re-learning how to screen print and him churning out some new designs.

REN booth 1

Thanks to my booth neighbor, Karen’s Monsters, a more adorable than scary line of plushy creatures for kids and big kids alike. Karen was a big help in watching my booth and sharing some veteran insight into the craft fair circuit. And check out the work of my other neighbor, Nous Savons, whose absolutely gorgeous upcycled collared shirts were a crowd-pleaser.

Renegade was definitely the best show I’ve done so far, and I have so many new ideas for products, displays and marketing. Can’t wait til next season— Maybe I’ll hit up the Los Angeles and Chicago shows…

Hooray! Two in a Day!

Yesterday I received fantastic news: In the morning, I made my first online sale through my Etsy store, then later last night while I was at Thursday Night Market, I made another one!

I was featured in an Etsy Finds email, which is a weekly e-newsletter that highlights products according to a theme. This particular one was in celebration of the SF Renegade Craft Fair coming up this weekend at Fort Mason on the marina, where I will have a booth. My grey and white striped Wendy clutch with pink overlay was featured in the email and, while generating over 550 hits on the page, sold to a lucky lady!


Packaged up both clutches with colored tissue paper and cream ribbon, and stuck a handwritten thank you in each one. Each Wendy Clutch is one of a kind, and these two were the first ones I’ve made. I’m like a proud mama sending her children off into the real world.


The best part is, Wendy herself is so excited!

Product Muse: The Alma Eye Pillow

moms day1

This is the first installment of posts in explanation of the people that many of my products are named after. I have been lucky enough to be supported and inspired by these incredible individuals, and hope that in getting to know the namesakes of these products, my clients form a deeper understanding of who I am as an artist, and develop a closer connection with my work.

Ever since I can remember, my Grama Alma has been the poster-woman for selfless generosity. She housed foreign exchange students, rallied for government accountability and policy change, and was actively involved with a number of non-profit organizations. She currently runs a brigade of women who knit baby caps and blankets for the local hospitals and to send to Africa.

No other person was so fitting to name my first product after than my grandmother. In Spanish, her full name means ‘Soul in Peace,’ a complete embodiment of her positive approach to life and it’s many adventures (and misadventures). The comfortable cotton eye pillows, each filled with flax seed and bits of dried lavender, are armed and ready to help you slip into much-needed relaxation after a long day. Whether you share her sense of spirituality or not, these pillows are ideal for use in yoga practice and turning your bedroom into the welcoming haven that it should be.

The best part of these products is their ability to ease many of your troubles, like a good grandmother often does. Stick your pillow in the freezer for ten minutes before use in cold therapy to ease tension headaches, soothe allergies and bring down body temp in the peak of summer. For heat therapy, such as loosening up sore neck muscles, microwave your pillow for about fifteen seconds. Just like Grama, who lived on an Ashram in one decade and went bald and drove a sports car the next, these little babies pride themselves on versatility.

grama wig

View the whole line of Alma Eye Pillows in my Etsy shop or at a craft fair near you.

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