May Showers at IndieSac Market

Packed up my turquoise umbrella and went down to Fremont Park in rainy midtown Sacramento this morning for the Indie Sacramento May Market. My goal was to study the booth displays, talk with the artists, pick up promo materials and, overall, take notes on the event for my upcoming shows this summer.

And, of course, make some purchases:


Chris from Skeletal Dropkick, who was rocking her handmade ceramic monster horn headband, floored me with her ‘Saturine’ skull bowl. She was recent featured seller on Etsy, and I can definitely see why! Her son, a salesman in training that has a birthday coming up next Saturday, sold me on the little hand-stamped coin pendants; a decidedly necessary impulse buy, and a steal at 50 cents a pop.


Blue Bicicletta brainchild Nicole Docimo displayed intricate pen-on-paper digital prints, featuring carefree original poetry and quirky line drawings. It was difficult to decide what I would take home with me, but I finally settled on a 6-pack of notecards. In Nicole’s words, she ‘went through an anatomy book phase.’ Now to decide what to fill the crisp white pages with…


Quietly tucked away in a vintage blue suitcase, among blue peacock feathers and loud purple sequins, my next great find was waiting for my attention. I told the oh-so-charming WritingHecate of Jim Dandy’s that, even though I don’t classify myself as a flowers-and-sequins kind of chick, ‘smitten’ and ‘vixen’ just so happen to be two of my very favorite words. Wrap it up, I’ll take it.

I ‘wish-listed’ more items than I could count, especially those that were everyday items repurposed for a glamorous second life, such as the vibrant spray-painted houndstooth upcycled suitcase by Lobotomatics, based in San Francisco. Also, the recycled skateboard deck clutches from Pursenally by Paige.

After seeing the impressive work my fellow artisans have presented, I am eagerly (and a bit nervously) anticipating my craft fair at-bat coming up on June 4th. Until then, I’ll be happily slaving away at my sewing machine and doodling blissfully in my tattered sketchbook(s). Cheers, IndieSacramento vendors, for bringing handcrafted greatness to an otherwise dreary day.


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