Etsy Shop Launch!

Hooray, welcome to Shoptalk! This first post marks the anxiously-awaited maiden voyage of my product line and Etsy shop:

Here’s what to expect from Shoptalk, the Ana Apple Designs blog:

– New product announcements, featuring process images and short background stories (who the product is named after, where I found a one-of-a-kind bead, how I managed to stay sane after ripping up seams thrice in one project, etc).

– A heads-up on my participation in regional art fairs, and details on how to apply. Also, post-event feedback, trends, and photos (for Mom to shamelessly brag about).

– Details about my upcoming Sharing is Caring program, in which a portion of the proceeds from select shop items will be donated to non-profits, such as Kiva and WEAVE. Look for the ‘SC’ in the product titles within my Etsy shop.

– Links to key sites and events in the global handmade artist community, featuring tips on creating, selling, buying, and being an active contributor to the domination of ‘buy handmade.’

– And because I am a team player, links to show some love to fellow artists who are thinking outside the box and should be seen!

I look forward to working with you 🙂


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